Real Estate is ON SALE!

There’s a lot of hype going around town about the historically low price of homes in the area.  In this case, the hype is all true!  So many people are throwing money away by renting because they don’t know they can afford to buy. (or they think they “know” they can’t buy!)   Take a look at the table below.  There’s no funny business going on in calculating these numbers.  The table assumes FHA Financing with a minimum 3.5% down payment.

If Your Rent Is:

You Can Buy A Home For:











Don’t be discouraged if you have credit issues.  I work with an excellent lending team of professionals who can assist you in rebuilding your credit to get you back on track to purchase.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions!
From the first time home buyer to the savvy investor – from the seller with equity to the seller underwater and needing options – I am here for you.
* The above comparison is a n example and not a loan guarantee.  Approval is subject to, but not limited to, satisfactory appraisal, preliminary title report, clear inspection (if required by contract or appraisal), minimum credit scores and employment history.  Maximum loan amounts and other restrictions apply.

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