For those of you who have worked with me in the past, please feel free to honestly share your experience so that others can decide for themselves if I might be a good fit for them.  I thank you ahead of time for your kind words! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Jessica is the best! I’m a single mom of 3, and was struggling to find a rental that would accept us along with our 2 large dogs. I happened to mention this fact to a nice lady in line because she noticed me looking at the “for rent” magazines. Obviously, that lady was Jessica. She gave me her card and told me to call her and she would help me. I assumed she was going to help me find a rental. BUT she actually found me a HOUSE. She referred me to her “loan gal” and now I am the proud owner of a beautiful home and my mortgage payments are actually lower than my rental budget (with a fixed rate!). My kids don’t have to share rooms, and my dogs are more than welcome! I never would have thought home ownership was an option for me, and I’m so thankful that I ran into Jessica at the store!!!!!

  2. Having been in the Real Estate business I can assure you that Jessica Hays is an honest, forthright person who is also charming and a pleasure with which to deal. My experience was less stressful due to her consummate professionalism. I would recommend you not only utilize her services but listen to what she says, you will not go wrong with this Real Estate Professional’s advice!

  3. As seen on Elk Grove Online

    March 25, 2013 9:37:43 AM PDT
    We worked with Jessica Hays, now with Coldwell Banker. She was outstanding and got our place sold within three months or so in August 2011. We did not need an attorney but it did help to work with Benita Myers when it came to filing our taxes that year. Prior to listing our house as a short sale she attempted to work with BofA to get a refi, something we had already done twice before finally pursuing the sale. She was great with keeping us up to date on her talks with the BofA short sale team and the dates and times our house was shown to potential buyers. She also put us in contact with colleagues who attempted to find a rental for us while our credit recovers, although we ended up going with a property management company. Still, she is well connected in the real estate field!
    Feel free to contact her at jessica.hays@cbnorcal.com.

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